CAPTION: Headliners Strictly Hip, a Tragically Hip tribute band, played to an enthusiastic crowd at the 2023 Fieldstone Festival.

NORTHERN NEW YORK – The resounding harmonies of unity and celebration still echo throughout the Fieldstone community following the unprecedented success of this year’s Fieldstone Music Festival.

With over 500 attendees coming together for a day filled with soul-stirring music, locally crafted arts, and unforgettable memories, the second annual event achieved a community spirit that exceeded expectations.

The performances by a line-up of exceptional talents, including Ursa and the Major Key and Los Blancos, engaged the crowd, culminating in the show-stopping act by The Strictly Hip, a tribute band that carries on the musical legacy of The Tragically Hip. Each song, a symphony of nostalgia, had the crowd dancing and singing, uniting the crowd for a common purpose.

The Fieldstone Farmers and Artisans Market was a hub of culture, talent and creativity, where booths adorned with incredible arts, crafts and culinary delights were on display throughout the day for festival attendees.

The children’s area was abuzz with excitement, featuring games, crafts and so much more. Pipsqueak the Clown entertained children and provided face-painting while festival volunteers engaged in games, activities, and crafts throughout the day.  Bokie’s Drive In served scoops of ice cream and smiles including a custom, festival-inspired flavor ‘Be Hip and Dip.’

At the heart of the energizing atmosphere was a mission – a mission to give back.

“We are delighted to announce that we raised $55,000 to combat food, housing, and financial insecurity in our beloved community,” said Amanda Tagliarino, Fieldstone Foundation Senior Director. “Every note sung and every hand clapped contributed to this cause, proving that unity can indeed script remarkable stories of change.”

The crowd grew steadily throughout the day as Fieldstone Festival goers were treated to great music, a wide range of local food vendors and an exceptional array of regional culture, talent and creativity.

The opportunity to advance the spirit of giving extends beyond the Fieldstone Festival. Visit where there are opportunities to support a range of community causes, explore the gift shop, or opt for a monthly donation.  Every gesture of generosity helps the Fieldstone Foundation meet the significant needs within the community.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our corporate sponsors, our community, and dedicated volunteers,” said Ms. Tagliarino. “Every note played, each smile shared, and the overwhelming sense of community affirm a powerful message: together, we are creating a movement of hope, strength, and enduring solidarity.”

For more information or to donate, click here, or contact Amanda Tagliarino at 518-578-0557.