Building good, together

Our mission, building good together, is driven by our vision of a united North Country that fosters a community of health, happiness and belonging.


Compassion, connection and innovation.

Core beliefs

  • Every person is worthy of health, happiness, love and belonging.
  • By elevating community wellness, we can elevate individual health and vice versa.
  • We believe in being attentive and open-minded community leaders.
  • Collaboration is key to identifying crucial community needs and developing sustainable, innovative solutions. 



We support bold, sustainable solutions that address the social determinants of health and social justice in the communities we serve.


We develop dynamic partnerships and collaborations that create bold initiatives to elevate the North Country.

Creative, multi-impact initiatives

We support courageous, innovative proposals that elevate and connect people.  We advocate for our workforce, the people we serve and our communities driven by the belief that every person is worthy of love and belonging.

Our roots

Fieldstone Foundation is a proud affiliate of Citizen Advocates. The name fieldstone is a symbol of strength and recognizes the important role fieldstones played in building the foundations of the North County’s first buildings. The Foundation’s mission building good, together supports and enriches the programs delivered by Citizen Advocates. 

Fieldstone Foundation is committed to addressing the social determinants of health in the North Country. We will improve the neighborhoods in which we live, learn, work and play.