The Fieldstone Fund: A Beacon of Hope for Families in Need

At the heart of every thriving community are the children who hold the promise of a brighter future.

It is with immense pride and enthusiasm that the Fieldstone Foundation announces the establishment of a Fieldstone Fund – a relief fund dedicated to supporting families in local school districts facing unmet financial hardships.

We understand life can be unpredictable, and during trying times, it is essential to have a support system to fall back on.  The Fieldstone Fund aims to provide a safety net for families who find themselves in need of assistance but are unable to secure help from other sources.

With a total of $48,000 in funding provided through the Fieldstone Fund, the following school districts have been awarded $8,000 for use during the 2023 school year:  Malone, Chateauguay, Brushton-Moira, St. Regis Falls, Tupper Lake and Saranac Lake.  It is our hope that the Fieldstone Fund will help alleviate the financial burdens faced by families with children enrolled in these districts.

But the Fieldstone Fund is more than just a source of financial aid; it is a testament to the power of community and the unyielding spirit of compassion that binds us together. It represents our collective commitment to ensure that no family is left to face their struggles alone. It is our belief that by extending a helping hand, we are not only assisting individual families but also contributing to the overall strength and resilience of our community.

The Fieldstone Fund is a beacon of hope for those navigating difficult times. We encourage families with children enrolled in one of these school districts experiencing a financial hardship to reach out to their school’s dedicated, onsite Citizen Advocates Prevention Specialist to discuss available funding and apply for a grant, knowing that your community stands beside you in solidarity.

As we embark on this journey together, let us remember that every act of kindness, no matter how small, creates a ripple effect of positivity and change.  If you would like to contribute to the charitable work of the Fieldstone Foundation, please visit our website at and click the ‘Donate’ button.  You may also call or e-mail Amanda Tagliarino to pledge your support at 518-578-0557 or  By supporting the Fieldstone Foundation, you are nurturing the dreams of our community’s children by sowing the seeds for a brighter tomorrow.

Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can build a stronger community. Join us in celebrating the Fieldstone Foundation’s establishment of the 2023 Fieldstone Fund and the meaningful impact it will have on the lives of families in our community.