Fieldstone Foundation welcomes new leadership

The Fieldstone Foundation is proud to welcome a new leader of the organization. 

Amanda Tagliarino is a long-time employee of Citizen Advocates who has transitioned into the role of Senior Director of the Fieldstone Foundation.  Most recently, she served as Director of Professional Development, and was responsible for meeting a broad range of state and federal training requirements and the professional development needs of Citizen Advocates, in addition to serving as the lead for implementation of the organization’s company culture initiative. 

Amanda Tagliarino,
Fieldstone Foundation

“Running a Foundation requires a unique skillset that not every person has,” said Felix Tam, Chair of the Fieldstone Foundation Board of Directors. “The right person must be passionate about the mission, care deeply about the well-being of others, and be able to clearly share a vision for improving the lives of those living in our communities – Amanda brings all of this to the table, and more.”

“We are so grateful to have Amanda grow into this new role,” said James Button, President & CEO of Citizen Advocates. “Her passion for elevating the potential of our workforce by leading professional development and company culture is driven by an inherent ability to see the best in everyone, and she will no doubt bring out the best in the communities we serve by leading the Foundation.”

As the Senior Director, Ms. Tagliarino is responsible for developing the Fieldstone Foundation to support key causes that advance the health and wellness of communities spanning Northern New York. 

Key duties of the Senior Director include:

  • Leading fundraising campaigns: Initiatives such as the Adopt-A-Child Fund through the Backpack Program.
  • Planning charitable events: For example, the annual Fieldstone Music Festival.
  • Cultivating & distributing major gifts: Developing and launching the Fieldstone Fund, providing relief to local families in need.

Ms. Tagliarino’s vision and dedication to supporting those most vulnerable in our communities, combined with her ability to foster authentic and collaborative relationships, positions her for success in this role.

“As the level of need within our communities continues to grow, the work of the Fieldstone Foundation has never been more important,” said Ms. Tagliarino.  “I am honored to be leading the Fieldstone Foundation and committed to ensuring that our work enhances lives, brings us together as a community, and creates a brighter future for us all.”